First Findings of 2014

This is so overdue, so let me first apologize: I’m sorry.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to some important information! My mother took a set of foreign friends (not really relevant to the story, but it makes it more interesting) to Disneyland the beginning of February. When she asked me to put together a plan for her, I felt terrible I haven’t been tracking times. When Disneyland (and almost all other blogs and Disney Fan Sites) say that the park is  not busy in the months of January and February, it does not mean you can walk on the rides. My mom definitely walked on more than normal, but a plan and some tracking of data would have done a lot of good. So, I feel terrible I wasn’t tracking times! Of course I was getting married and going to school and working on my new job… but I should have also tracked times. So here I am to continue!

I tracked the past two days but my data isn’t the best. First, California has been very stormy so the times aren’t completely accurate to what would have happened on a typical day. Second, I didn’t have my apps set up correctly and was in the middle of a couple projects at work. No more excuses! A few things I’ve found:

  1. Radiator Springs is never NOT busy. It is crucial to your time at California Adventure to invest in Fastpasses for this ride. Why? It is the newest ride to not only us, but all of the Californians who go on a more often basis and are liking something new. Of course, it’s also a great ride, so we can’t discount that either.
  2. If the day is stormy like the past few days have been, grab Fastpasses for the indoor rides at the beginning of your day. Things like Peter Pan and Soarin’ Over California. Soarin’ had a longer wait time than Radiator Springs for most of the day the last two days. (Reaching up to 110 minutes at some points)
  3. My mother’s only thing she regretted during her time last month was that she didn’t bring a warm enough sweater. Yes, it is Southern California. No, it is not a Caribbean beach.

That’s about all I have for you today, but I do have a lot I’m going to research tomorrow because I WILL BE THERE A WEEK FROM TOMORROW! I’m so excited! I am hoping this storm has MOSTLY passed but not all the way. I’d like to take advantage of the less than normal amount of people. I do have some questions for you for collecting data again.

  1. What rides are you most interested in? Would you like me to track things like The Little Mermaid that’s always less than five minutes just so you believe that’s the case? (Extreme example, but some rides aren’t very interesting to watch because they are never busy.)
  2. Would you be interested in me tracking “Crowd Index” as posted by MouseWait? They somehow obtain a crowd index using their information of wait times and post an index out of 100 to let you know how busy it is. I’m not sure how accurate it is but I’m more than happy to watch this while I’m watching the wait times as well.
  3. Would it be helpful in my data to let you know which rides are closed for refurbishment.

Please let me know! I do this for all of you and for the common public’s information. What I need to know is what exactly you would like to know so I can achieve that goal. Thank you all!

This is just proof I wasn't ignoring you all. I did in fact get married.

This is just proof I wasn’t ignoring you all. I did in fact get married.



I feel terrible. I’ve neglected little Mickey Math. I promise you all I will be up and at it very soon. I hope this may explain a little bit of where I’m coming from. The Engaged Life.

I’m learning a ton about different computer programming aspects and am excited to incorporate them into Mickey Math. What have you all been up to? Don’t forget to like my Facebook Page for updates from me.

Thanks everyone!

If anyone can explain to me why I think this is so funny that would be great as well. Gimme Pizza

I have purchased a new domain name! The design and implementation of the website will take time (because I want it to be flawless and informative just for YOU), but I think it will be worth the wait.

The main purpose of a website vs. this blog, is that I’d like people to be able to go to the website and immediately locate the information THEY find necessary to them. Whether you like scary rides or children’s rides, the information you select will be displayed. I also would like a more simplified explanation of what I’m trying to accomplish with Mickey Math.

If any of you have ideas PLEASE let me know! My new mentor at work had the brilliant idea (and giving, kind heart) to suggest I create an app. He knows a lot about Android apps, but I don’t know a ton about iPhone apps at this point. If any of my followers and friends have something they want to see on this app or on the website, please let me know so I can try to incorperate it for you.

Another coworker of mine is going to Disney WORLD for 3 weeks over Christmas. This is fabulous news for a lot of you because that means I will soon have data for Disney World, and she will be able to check the accuracy for me! I’m so excited to expand the data for you all.

In other (more personal news) I picked a photographer for my engagements. I was really moved by this photoshoot she did here: inner i art.

Who has gone to Disney recently? I’ve been off the grid, so to speak, and am having a hard time staying on top of all you fabulous Disney fans.


Busy Bee

I got a new job as stated earlier. I’ve been completely engulfed and love every second but I promise not to leave you all in the dark for too long. Between that, school, and getting engaged (you can read the proposal story here, if you so desire) I am so busy! I haven’t even downloaded the DL Waits app on my phone and I feel like a total failure. Don’t fret. I will have information for you soon. In the meantime, enjoy.

News For You and Me

I have had a wonderful week. I hope all you have too. I spoke with my cousin who is a web developer this week and talked him into helping me design a full blown website! He said he’d be willing to help me so I’m very excited. Check out his YouTube channel here. (I clicked on his website and I’m kinda weirded out.. he better not do that to mine.)

In other very exciting news… I GOT A NEW JOB! I will be working for a company called NeoVest as an intern. I could not be more excited. One of the people who interviewed me yesterday has figured out a way to show a graph of three variables which is exactly what I try to do! He said he may be able to help me get data on a graph like his.

Things are progressing and looking great! Disneyland is slowing down because students are going back to school. I will get you exact stats shortly. When things slow down my statistics don’t really matter because lines are so short it doesn’t really matter when you go where! SO, if you’re going to Disneyland soon, let me know how many rides hit!

Also you can follow me on twitter if you so desire here.

What I’ve Been Doing

I feel like I need to apologize to my loyal friends and followers for not updating. I’m sure you’re thinking “It’s ok Anna! You’re just focusing on school!” Well the fact of the matter is I’m already pretty bored at school (economics to be exact. Give me a problem to solve…) What I have been doing goes by the little name of Cookie Clicker*. It is the worst and best thing to ever happen since my obsession with Tiny Tower**. So now you know


*Do not click this website unless you have an abundant amount of time to waste and would like to dream of cookies.

**You can download this on your iPhone (not sure about Android) and I’m not responsible for your lack of battery life.


I hope everyone is GREAT! I sure am!

My Day At California Adventure

I did not keep a tally as well at California Adventure as I did at Disneyland for 2 reasons.

  1. I didn’t wait in most of the lines to time them.
  2. We were not going at a very quick pace because we had walked 10.5 miles the day before, but we ended up walking about 9 miles so we did get around.

We first grabbed Fastpasses for Radiator Springs then they did California Screamin’ and Tower of Terror. Ryan wanted to go in the Animation Academy and since I hadn’t even done anything up to this point I caved in and did it. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN. There was NO ONE there. I got matched up with the Maleficent as my character  then we sang with Ursula which was a blast. One day, when I know how to upload videos, I’ll post the terrible outcome of Ryan and I acting. Today’s the day I figured it out. View here. (I thought we were being stupid but Ryan ended up sounding awesome.) I wish we would have got “Unhappy Birthday” on video because that was just a disaster.

Ryan loved Midway Mania and I forgot how totally cool that ride is. We met some really nice Canadians in line and even did the ride with them. It was fun!

I want to take a minute to say THANK YOU to an employee who was working the swings. Ryan and I were really disappointed when we didn’t get a tandem swing, and he told us to stay on when the ride ended to do it again together. It was so magical. I loved every second of it. Ryan was dizzy but he got over it (muwaha).

The sweet guy who made our night.

The sweet guy who made our night.

Ryan looking like he's getting pretty sick. And to answer your question, yes, he wore that shirt two days in a row. He really loves me.

Ryan looking like he’s getting pretty sick. And to answer your question, yes, he wore that shirt two days in a row. He really loves me.

Anyway, I apologize this post isn’t terribly informative, but if you have any questions about what we did to make this day efficient ask away!

I start school tomorrow so I may be MIA for a bit but I will get on regularly to respond to comments and questions. Thanks everybody!

Findings From the Last Trip

My goal for this last trip was to see how accurate the wait times on the Dl Waits app are compared to the posted times in the park, and the actual time I waited. I’ve found a few key things.

Times on the app are usually posted times, not actual times people are waiting in the park. As you will see below, the average times are very similar. I suspect people updating the app don’t actually time themselves in line, they just updated posted times which is great! (Pretty sure only crazy people like me actually time themselves.)

Expect about 5 minutes less than the posted time. As you can see, I waited about 5 minutes less than the average posted time. There were a few times I waited a little longer but as a whole this is what I observed.

Overall, my data is very accurate just using the app I use. I feel very reassured. I was a chosen one too! This is how they make sure their times are accurate.

Time tracking lanyard card.

Time tracking lanyard card.


So what’s great about this data is the average wait time in a day is over 30 minutes at this time of year and I waited an average of 11.6 minutes. *Takes a bow*

I did it again.

I did it again.

My handsome guy waiting for the fireworks.

My handsome guy waiting for the fireworks.

The way we ended our night.

The way we ended our night.



My Disney Trip

I should probably split this post into a few different ones because my day at Disney was BUSY. As I was boarding Winnie the Pooh, the worker asked about my shirt and I explained my goal for being efficient in the park. She told me the average rides ridden in a day is 7. We more than tripled this!

I am going to list the order of events and describe some newly discovered things in this post and tell you about wait time accuracy in another post where I will calculate standard deviations between posted time on the app, posted time on the signs, and the actual wait time.

Order of Events

  1. Space Mountain
  2. Peterpan
  3. Mr Toads
  4. Snow White
  5. Pinocchio
  6. Space Mountain
  7. Star Tours
  8. Indiana Jones
  9. Haunted Mansion
  10. Winnie the Pooh
  11. Indiana Jones
  12. Splash Mountain
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean
  14. Fantasy Fair
  15. Captain EO
  16. Star Tours
  17. Buzz Lightyear
  18. Haunted Mansion
  19. Winnie the Pooh
  20. Asimo
  21. Train
  22. Soundsational Parade
  23. Small World
  24. Splash Mountain
  25. Fireworks
  26. Space Mountain
  27. Space Mountain

We left the park about an hour before it closed because we were EXHAUSTED. If you notice, we did not do Matterhorn. The stupid thing was closed for about 6 days and we happened to be there at that time. Of course you all know Thunder Mountain is closed until October so we didn’t do that ride either. We were going to head to Fantasmic after our two times through Space Mountain but decided we should save our selves for California Adventure the next day.

Some things I learned and Observed

We did Indiana twice and had plans to do it a third time single rider so I could post a video of the new effects but it was closed! I was right in my last post when I said Indiana has a new effect right when you go through the doors. I was so happy we went through two different doors because it turns out each door has a different effect! It was very neat.

Fantasy Faire is actually kind of fun. I never really went to meet characters because my mom never bought me the autograph books or dressed me in anything cute (poor deprived me) BUT the wait was only like 10 minutes and it was kinda funny. Turns out I’m the right height for Sleeping Beauty. Observe.


Too bad I’m not graceful or beautiful. I do have the height thing going for me though!

Asimo is still very cheesy and not worth seeing more than once. I’ve seen it twice and I don’t care to ever see it again.

I went at a very fast pace and ended up walking 10.5 miles or 27.300 steps. I. Was. Tired.

Thanks to everyone who came up and said hi! I met some wonderful new people.