A Brief Introduction and Summary

The people who have read my blogs in the past know exactly how much I love math. So I’m just trying to solidify the fact that I am indeed a nerd. My sister and I went to the happiest place on earth last year, and in order to maximize our time, I calculated the most efficient way to make our way around the park. I loved mixing two of my favorite things and have wanted to continue charting different aspects of the park (busiest day of the week, guests in park, ext.), so this is a place to save my data and explain it (if anyone else is interested).

I’ve read lots of Disney blogs and things posted on Pinterest about how to go about your time at Disney, and it all seems so generic. Advice like “don’t forget to get fast passes!” And “park food is expensive bring snacks!” seem pretty common sense. So, I’m going to find things that aren’t as intuitive and inform the public (my mom, sister, maybe Jacci, and a few random ward members most likely).

I’m still learning excel but I will chart most (or all) of my data on that program. i’m using an app called “Mouse Wait” which is a social network where people in the park can update the times as they explore the park. This won’t be the most accurate data but its the best I can do being in Utah which is a different state than California (for those of you who weren’t aware)..? Anyway, any suggestions or ideas are welcome! I’m just tracking wait times right now but will take any and all ideas.



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