Wednesday June 5th, 2013

These past two days I have had to be to work by 6 a.m. so I’ve been going to bed before the park closes which makes me a little sad because I would really like a complete chart of data. I will be able to stay up later the next couple of days so hopefully we get a little more accurate data coming into the weekend.

Yesterday I posted a chart to demonstrate patterns of wait times as a whole. I did this for two reasons: It was interesting to me to clearly see a trend to all the times, and the other line graphs I looked at were really hard to read. I found a type I like today! Let me know if this makes the data clear to you as well. 



When you see a large drop to zero that means the ride has closed. I’m getting a sense that the more popular rides close at least once a day. I’m wondering if there is any sort of pattern. I will definitely keep you posted on that. As of right now there’s not enough days for me to say for sure if you can anticipate a ride being closed at a particular point of the day.

I’ve noticed with Grizzly River Run that the wait in the hottest part of the day is usually quite long. For good reason of course; you get wet on this ride. My advice would be to get a fast pass for anytime before 2:00 and use it when you’re feeling especially hot. (Summer suggestion only, obviously).

I feel like something people miss a lot is HOW to make your fast passes as effective as possible. If the wait is less than the average (typically 20 minutes, some rides quite a bit more) then wait in line and use your fast pass for around 4 or 5 when wait times start getting really long.

I’m excited to track into the weekend and see how much busier it gets. My hypothesis is the average wait time will go up to about 30 minutes over all. Aren’t you excited to find out?!?

Quick Update

On my last post I showed how the distributions are peaking around 4:00-5:00 and decrease around 2:00. The chart type I used demonstrated what I wanted but I have no clue what exactly the side numbers meant. Well I created a bar graph for this post’s data so you can see the same pattern and the numbers on the side actually have something to do with my data. Pretty interesting to me, personally. I would say take lunch at 1:00 and eat dinner at about 5:00. Save fast passes for right before and after your dinner; that is the point where you will be saving the most time.


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