Thursday June 6th, 2013

Well I was all ready to start tracking my times today right at 8:00 California time, and it turns out the park doesn’t open until 9:00 today. (Does anyone know why?) So while I’m waiting I thought I’d update you about yesterday.

First I need to thank my follower disneypostcards. He or she asked me if I had ever heard of DL Waits (I had not). I was so excited about her post because it gave me something else to research! As soon as I read the comment I downloaded the app and started tracking. I didn’t get a full days worth because I didn’t read her comment until about 11:00 but I did get the majority of the day. As it turns out, the daily averages were pretty close in time, but DL Waits, as a whole, typically had longer wait times. Mouse Wait allows for guests to use any number for minutes to wait and DL Waits only allows for multiples of 5 but I didn’t think it would affect the data too much.


(The layout I’ve chosen for my blog makes all my pictures extremely small but if you click on them you can seem them full sized.) ANYWAY. What you’re looking at is average wait time for yesterday (11:00-10:00). DL Waits’ times seems more accurate to my experiences at Disneyland. I’m really excited to go to the park (August!!) and see for myself. I will definitely keep you posted on this. If any of you prefer one of these apps over another for any particular reason I’d like to hear why!

Some little punk-nosed kid changed all the wait times to 1 minute yesterday around 4:00 and it messed up the times for a solid half hour. But I will post the data anyway. I  just took an average of the time it was previously and what it was the hour after. I was really disappointed because I’ve noticed a peak right at that time and I was hoping to track it. Such is life.



The average wait time over all for both parks is very similar but California Adventure’s times vary a lot more than Disneyland’s. Disneyland’s time’s climb throughout the day and California Adventure doesn’t seem to have a steady climb that is as apparent. As you can see above.

The past two days I haven’t been able to post my full spreadsheet because the files are too big or something. I’ve been using my work computers to do all my blogs this far but should be getting a new computer (waiting for the 4th generation Intel processors because my boyfriend feels that’s necessary) sometime next week and hopefully things will be better formatted among other things.

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