Please Help Me Continue Mickey Math

Many of my followers are also my Facebook friends so at this point you know my situation. For those of you who don’t, I was robbed while at Disneyland last week and had my brand new computer as well as phone I use to track my wait times stolen. I was most upset about the fact that I made it all the way and still couldn’t provide any data for you faithful fans! I was going to still track times with my boyfriends phone until we realized we had no way to charge it and needed it to find our way out of Anaheim that night, and of course take pictures.

I really wanted to have Mickey Math be free because it is public information I am just organizing it in a manner that is hopefully making sense. After losing my computer and having to replace my cell phone I am down quite a bit of money and so any little bit of donations would help me out a lot. Even if you don’t want to donate, if you like the service please share it and let others know.

I’m hoping to have shirts made soon (mostly because I want one) with the awesome logo my sister made me. As seen below
If you would also love a cool shirt (it will be way rad because my talented cousin is helping me design them), let me know and I will keep you posted on pricing and such.

This will not set me back! I will keep up with my posts and return to Disneyland shortly to let you all know what’s going on. On the bright side of things my boyfriend kept up with me extremely well and we completed all my favorite rides by 11:30 AM so what I’m doing is working and that gives me hope to continue. Thank you everyone for your support.¬†(Apparently¬†it’s not letting me do the neat little link. Sorry!)

Thursday July 18th, 2013

Thursday wasn’t terribly different from Tuesday, but it wasn’t as clear where peak times were. Overall, the park just got a busy and stayed busy about 11:00.

My plan from Tuesday will stay the same. The wait time for Peter Pan did not drop below 30 minutes yesterday, so I have a feeling there is no rush to get to that ride with Magic Morning in place. (A program where people staying at the resort can go in an hour early.) I am slightly disappointed by this because I’m not sure I feel like it’s worth that long of a wait, so Ryan and I will decide if there’s something we’d rather be doing.

It would benefit us a lot to go to Alice in Wonderland pretty early on, though. The wait got close to an hour around 5:00 which would not be cool. If we get there before 10:00 AM we shouldn’t need to wait that long.

Order of Events (As of Now)

  1. Space Mountain
  2. Matterhorn
  3. Alice in Wonderland
  4. Get Fastpasses for Indiana Jones
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean
  6. Haunted Mansion
  7. Ryan will do Splash Mountain while I do Winney the Pooh. (So what if I look weird alone on a children’s ride, I am NOT doing Splash Mountain.)

Then we will see what the wait times are saying and possibly head back to Tomorrowland and do Buzz Lightyear (if it’s less than 15 minutes) and maybe get some Star Tours’ Fastpasses.

More to come!! I’M SO EXCITED!


Tuesday July 16th, 2013

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m heading to Disneyland in 5.5 days (not like I’m counting down or anything.) Because I’m going to just be doing Disneyland, this post will only have the Disneyland data. I was thinking I may want to track times because the last time I did was about a month ago and things are always changing and I’m really glad I did because a few things have changed.



On my last posts I never showed an actual view like this, but you could see in the bar graphs that ride times peaked at 4:00 and 5:00 then stayed pretty high over all. As you can see here, that is not the case. I suspect people are getting warn out waiting in lines for so long from 11:00-2:00 that they are hot and go get dinner around 4:00 (or go to the parade), then decide not to come back. I’ll be interested to see if this is what happens when we are there next week.

The average wait time over all has gone up about 10 minutes since I started at the beginning of this summer. Of course we all know summer is high season so this was expected but it was interesting to see such a big difference from June to July. California students got out of school towards the middle of June which made things a little bit crazier.

As far as my plans go, not much has changed from what I said earlier. I didn’t mention anything about Splash Mountain. I don’t like Splash Mountain because my belly is more sensitive than most, but I will watch Ryan go on it if he really wants to do it. He will do single rider so his wait time won’t be what I have documented, however it is the longest wait in the park for the majority of the day so hopefully I can encourage him to do it around noon.



More to come soon! I’m tracking times again today so I’ll have more data shortly.


Plan of Action for My Next Visit (7-24-13)

I’ve been excited for the past few weeks because I’ve convinced my boyfriend to go down to Anaheim with me over a Utah holiday at the end of this month. I’ve got a lot of questions about what I plan to do. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I ALWAYS end up going to Disneyland on some of the busiest days of the year. Most people don’t know that Utah was founded July 24th (most people in Utah don’t even know why we celebrate) but we get work off and so a lot of families head down to Disneyland. I expect it to be busy like UEA (“fall break” for Utahns).

I am a poor college student so always search out at least a 15$ discount on tickets and I never stay at a hotel for more that 60$. My sister and I went around this time last year and camped at Anaheim Harbor RV Park ( and had a lot of fun. There are 3 tent sites so it fills up relatively quickly. We will need to go to my friend’s for one night because, like I said, the 24th is a busy day, but I have a tent site reserved for the night before. There is a 2$ shuttle that will take us to the park about half a mile away. (We could walk but I’ll be surprised if Ryan makes it from open to close… ha!)

So, the morning is always the best time to be there. I will get there to be in the park as soon as it opens and head straight to Space Mountain to get fast passes. If the line is less than 20 minutes at that time I will wait and ride that one. I then plan to head over to Matterhorn. According to what I’ve researched I shouldn’t need to wait more than 20 minutes. Then I will force my extremely compliant boyfriend to go ride Peter Pan with me. If you don’t ride it in the morning you WILL have to wait at least 40 minutes on a busy day like the 24th. Because we will be in Fantasyland I’ll do the carousel, Pinocchio, Snow White and Mr. Toads. By that point our fast passes should be up for Space Mountain again so I will probably head to get fast passes for Indiana Jones then go back to Tomorrowland.

I have read several blogs that say Disneyland has started enforcing the Fastpass times. So before, I would usually hoard Fastpasses and use them all around 4-7 when the lines are outrageously long ,but you now have to use your Fastpasses during the designated hour printed on your pass. (Sad face…). But on the bright side the Fastpass lines are probably faster now, so that’s great.

I will let you all know exactly what we do in the park. Because every day differs so much, and things are closed periodically, I can’t say exactly where I will go but now you know the general plan. Once we’ve hit all the rides (and we will ride all the rides by 6:00. Mark my words.) I will let Ryan choose what we do (so he still loves me a little).

Have a happy day!