News For You and Me

I have had a wonderful week. I hope all you have too. I spoke with my cousin who is a web developer this week and talked him into helping me design a full blown website! He said he’d be willing to help me so I’m very excited. Check out his YouTube channel here. (I clicked on his website and I’m kinda weirded out.. he better not do that to mine.)

In other very exciting news… I GOT A NEW JOB! I will be working for a company called NeoVest as an intern. I could not be more excited. One of the people who interviewed me yesterday has figured out a way to show a graph of three variables which is exactly what I try to do! He said he may be able to help me get data on a graph like his.

Things are progressing and looking great! Disneyland is slowing down because students are going back to school. I will get you exact stats shortly. When things slow down my statistics don’t really matter because lines are so short it doesn’t really matter when you go where! SO, if you’re going to Disneyland soon, let me know how many rides hit!

Also you can follow me on twitter if you so desire here.

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