About Me

I am Anna.

My best friend and partner in crime, Echelon,

My best friend and partner in crime, Echelon,

I was born on an Indian reservation in New Mexico but was raised in Southern Utah and that is my home. It took being away from the desert to make me realize how much I love it.

I have always loved school. As a young child I attended both the morning and afternoon sessions of preschool, (so you can imagine how much of a know-it-all I’ve always been.)

I struggled with depression and disordered eating/addiction most of my life. But this blog is about Math and Disney so no one wants to hear about that! It did affect my schooling through middle school, but in high school I learned to really love learning again.

I did an advanced placement program called SUCCESS Academy. I went to the local college for half the day and high school for the other half. I had a fabulous math teacher Dr. Monteirth. Ok, maybe he wasn’t all that great of a teacher, but he was intelligent and I wanted to be just like him. When I graduated with my Associate’s I knew math was what I wanted to do.

I went to UVU for a semester with a double major of math education and dance and got sick again so moved home to be close to family. I went back to the college I had attended though high school and felt pretty guilty about it. It’s known for being the party college and not very hard to get into. Some call it “grade 13”. Well the math program, despite all of this, is actually wonderful. I have loved every teacher I’ve had at Dixie State. Costel Ionita was by far the hardest teacher I’ve had but he only pushed me because he knew I had potential and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Last semester I realized I did not want to do math education anymore and it was really hard for me to come to terms with. I felt like I wasn’t working towards a goal anymore. I decided just a few months ago I may like actuarial science and that’s what I’ll be studying this fall. I’m excited!

As far as personal life goes, I don’t have much of one. Well I do and it looks a whole lot like this.


As someone who has been sad most of my life, I am eternally indebted to my love, Ryan. He makes every day fun and exciting to wake up to. As for now he is my boyfriend. 🙂

My family is very close as well. We were raised to love one another above ourselves and I really love my parents for that. My family has been my biggest support and I’M SO GRATEFUL!

Left to Right: Jay, Jay's Wife Tabie, Ellen, Joseph, Me, Ryan.

Left to Right: Jay, Jay’s Wife Tabie, Ellen, Joseph, Me, Ryan.

That’s about all for me. I’m not terribly interesting but now you know!

If you like looking at my cat and boyfriend then my Instagram is what you want to check out. Username: aenygaard

And if you like looking at recipes and wedding decorations (of course you do you’re a blogger) check out my Pinterest. Username: adraagyn

112 thoughts on “About Me

  1. thanks for stopping by and deciding to follow my blog. Your blog is interesting. I hate standing in lines so I wouldn’t want to track the waiting like you do. Best Wishes!

  2. Hi – Thanks for checking out and following point-of-view.com. I hope you’ll enjoy its sometimes eclectic collection of photos and stories. I see that you are thinking of becoming an actuary. Wow! A couple of my friends have done it and I know it isn’t easy but it sounds like you can do it from what you wrote above. Best wishes.

  3. Thank you for stopping by and following my 52 week photography blog.
    I hope you enjoy some of my different perspectives as I find things for the themes.
    Best wishes as you work through what you want to do. I spent a lot of my life feeling unworthy, until I found math and ultimately computers, where I found I have a problem solving mind. I was able to work in the math and keep my mind learning. Not only worthy but skills that were/are needed.
    You are beautiful and intelligent. You will find your way, just give yourself a chance. Best wishes

  4. Hello from Germany Anna 🙂
    I hope you enjoy my blog. I started it because of my art school, and I want to continue writing. I’m not a writer by far, but I have grown to like it in the little bit of time I have done it. You have sparked my interest in going to one of the Disney theme parks. I would like to take my family so we all can enjoy the experience together. I also took a math course a few months ago, and I was nervous about it. I’ve been out of school since ’97, but I did good, and my wife liked sitting with me and looking over the problems as well. I wish you well in your schooling.

  5. Anna, thank you for visiting and following my blog. I hope you will feel free to comment and ad to the conversation. We try to keep the fire going and provide some warmth for those chilly days.

  6. What was it like growing up on a reservation? Your blog looks interesting–Disney and math–a strange combination but nice strange. You and your boyfriend look cute together (I love romance).

  7. Wow! So great to be such into a subject as you seems to be- or at least seemed to be. I must admit I’m a bit jealous… Well, I hope that actuarial science will be as much fun as the math has been to you!

  8. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog, The Weekend Country Girl. I am the principal of a school in Texas a lot like the one you attended. Best of luck this school year.

  9. Hi! I loved your little biography. I find it very inspiring to hear about people using blogging to emphasize things they love and what makes them happy when life can be rough. That’s why I blog too. I look forward to exploring your blog more. I also want to thank you for following my blog (you are my 1st follower and I am very thrilled). Keep doing what you love and smiling!


  10. I have math dyslexia. I’ve always loved science but my struggle to grasp simple concepts in math really kept me from pursuing science. I grew up in a rural Alabama town and math dyslexia was not something my math teachers were even aware of back in the 80s and 90s. My senior year of high school, after making nothing but D’s in math I was actually encouraged to take a higher level math class. I looked at the “counselor” and asked him if he had even looked at my record. He flipped through it right there and told me yes and he thought I could do it. I asked him what part of me almost failing every math class from 7th grade forward don’t you get? He just laughed at me and said I was being dramatic.

    I really do love science but my issues with math have always held me back from really exploring it. I love to see women who are pursuing math and breaking the stereotype that “math is hard tee hee”. As much as I love my life and the path I’m on I do wonder how different it would have been if I could have gotten the help I needed back then so I could have pursued the sciences with a lot of confidence.

  11. Thanks for visiting and following my photoblog, Anna. Interestingly, I majored in math in college and wanted to get into actuarial science too. Life got in the way, and, unfortunately, I didn’t continue down that path. Best of luck to you! Glenda

  12. Hi Anna, thanks for following my 90s Horror blog. I have more than one blog, so if you click my name you will get to my main blog, Deep Red Rum, but they’re both me. I like math too, so I’m looking forward to reading more posts from you.

  13. Hi Anna. I hope following Rocket Rose Art brings you some joy. My wife Ann and I love what we do and try to inspire others with the glass and silver work. Your interest shows you may be thinking of giving it a go. Jump in and give it a try if you can. Always willing to help.

  14. Hi Anna
    Thanks for stopping by my blog it’s so brand new…and I am not really sure I know what to do! Wow how interesting for a girl to like math and science as much as you do. My son also loves math he is in his senior year of college majoring in computer science and virtual world development (he will design computer games) he said he knew he wanted to do that since he was 5 years old. You know you said you have struggled ( or are still sometimes struggling) with depression and eating disorders…well we all struggle with something. It may seem as though everyone else has a “normal life” but what is normal?…keep doing what you love and focus on a goal and take steps toward it every day no matter how small they may seem…you will get there…someday!! XXO

  15. Hello Anna! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and for the follow, I do really appreciate it and I so hope that you enjoy what you find at my ‘summerhouse’. I certainly look forward to visiting your blog and reading more here, you sound like a very interesting and really lovely person. A pleasure to meet you 🙂

  16. Hello! I wanted to stop by because my visit is shamefully overdue – thank you so much for finding my blog and following it. You are a better person than I – math is definitely my achilles heel haha. This is why I’m a journalist instead. I did always like science but it’s practically married to math so that just wasn’t going to work for me. 🙂

  17. Many, many thanks for the follow Anna, it is really appreciated and glad you found my blog stimulating enough to follow. If you have any requests or suggestions just drop me a line. Reading your profile with interest you may may like to view this:


    Personally I find it to be brilliant. Have a great weekend Anna and may your queues always be short. 😃

  18. Thanks for visiting and following my website. Where I live, Disney World is the magnet — and I don’t think Radiator Springs is part of the fare. My daughters and I have planned a trip to Universal Studios this spring break. I think we’ve worn out the waiting lines at Disney. Probably blog about the experience.

  19. Thank you so much for following my blog! My family loves all things Disney, so I’m going to enjoy reading your blog!

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